A.C. Duecey (@ACDuecey) readys new project; drops 3 songs!

By Evan Bancroft on  No Comment

A.C. Duecey is a representative of Lakewood, WA.  A city that definitely has it’s share of bad press.  Rather than focus on the negative A.C. has adopted more of a stoner vibe when it comes to his music.  After dropping a project that strayed away from what he is known for A.C. Duecey is back with that “Get High” vibe that his fans are accustomed to.  The BMW affiliate will be dropping his next mixtape, Evergreen State of Mind 2.  Until then he has given us a few songs to hold us over! “What’s Wood”, “Unleaded” and “2 Blunts” ft. Flo Abingale.  Listen to all 3 of those records below via Soundcloud:

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