Shan Vincent de Paul – “Bitch Go” | @ShanVdP

By Evan Bancroft on  No Comment
At face value “Bitch Go” may appear like a crass song about ending a toxic relationship, but the true power of the song lies in its ability to serve as a protest anthem against the current American presidential regime that seems hell bent on wreaking havoc on the global political ecosystem. Says Shan:
“It was a song that was slowly brewing up in me while I was in the middle of shedding a whole bunch of negative bullshit in my personal life.  All the while it felt like the world was burning outside as Trump was just coming into power. The song was written out of sheer frustration. It’s my anthem for change, within myself and the world around me. But no more being polite and cordial about it, sometimes you have to call the bullshit for what it is.  Bitch Go.” 

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